R.L.S. published by The Ryerson Press, 1931

R.L.S. at Manasquan by Charlotte Eaton was published by The Ryerson Press in December, 1931. The copy in the Ryerson Press Collection is number 193 of only 350 copies printed. The Ryerson Press printed this edition of Robert Louis Stevenson at Manasquan “for their friends, at Christmas-tide, 1931.”

The edition is an 8 x 11 portfolio format and is protected by a spider-web glassine covering. The lettering on the blue Mayfair cover simply reads R.L.S. and is signed Charlotte Eaton. A portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson by Wyatt Eaton is contained on the frontispiece.  This edition was made available to The Ryerson Press by special permission from the Queen’s Quarterly.


Charlotte Eaton was the second wife of Canadian artist Wyatt Eaton. She married Eaton in 1887 and travelled extensively with him to America and Europe. The memories of Robert Louis Stevenson, his wife and mother are captured here in this brief edition.


Robert Louis Stevenson portrait by Wyatt Eaton, 1888.

A commemorative bookmark included in this edition conveys the following message: Charlotte Eaton, now a resident of New York, is the widow of Wyatt Eaton, a distinguished Canadian Artist and a native of the Eastern Townships, Province of Quebec. The constant companion of her husband, sharing the high qualities of his mind and devoted to his work, Mrs. Eaton travelled extensively with him in America and Europe. Everywhere they met interesting and distinguished people. The memories of Robert Louis Stevenson, his wife and mother, are but a few of the many vivid recollections shepherded from other days. Mrs. Eaton is the author of Desire, a book of verses, and of many fugitive essays and poems. She is particularly successful in French verse forms.

We are indebted to Queen’s Quarterly for permission to reprint the first part of this brochure. The reproduction of the pen-and-ink drawing of R.L.S. by Wyatt Eaton, which forms the frontispiece, is made possible through the kindness of Mrs. Eaton.

This brings to you the cordial Yule-tide greetings of The Ryerson Press. We pass on to you, at this time, two hearty words which Robert Louis Stevenson loved and taught to Bliss Carman. They convey our own wish for Christmas and the New Year – to you and yours. Sursum Corda! (Lift up your Heart)”.

Charlotte Eaton donated her husband’s papers and paintings to the Museum of Art, Toronto in 1911. The works of Wyatt Eaton are now housed in the Art Gallery of Ontario. Charlotte Eaton wrote several letters to Lorne Pierce at The Ryerson Press. These are now held in the Lorne Pierce fonds at Queen’s University. Charlotte Eaton wrote a book on her husband’s work as well as a book of verse, Desire, and three works based on her acquaintance with Robert Louis Stevenson. Wyatt Eaton died in 1896; Charlotte Eaton died in 1934.


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